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Couple Therapy

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When couples are having difficulties, often they don’t need a lot of help, but they do need some immediate help. The longer that difficulties, resentment and anger accumulate, the more couples make fatal errors. Don’t wait to get help.

It’s not healthy for couples – gay or straight – to live without feeling wanted. Without being attended to. Without giving and receiving smiles. It deprives us of something fundamental.

Couples in difficulty often have trouble talking to one another. When they do communicate, they will more often than not repeat what they’ve always said, with neither really listening to the other. I can help you change that.

Are you feeling resentment, or believing your significant other is no longer interested? Are you affectionate with each other, but good sex is a just distant memory?” Are you and/or your partner considering whether to break up? While it may feel impossible, often a little retooling can re-create your loving relationship.

It is a loving act to ask for help. An experienced professional counselor can offer the kind of therapeutic guidance – and straight talk – that can help you out of your impasse and back to a creative, joyful life. I can help you both overcome the impasse.

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