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Group Therapy

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Why Group Therapy?

Scientific studies have discovered that while we all experience pain as individuals, we get better and grow emotionally with others, in groups.

My groups are an environment designed to promote emotional growth. I offer a unique group therapy approach where people who are in emotional pain, experience family difficulties, relationship issues, or feel stuck in their lives, discover how to grow and become changers in and of their lives.

My groups include people of varied backgrounds, ages and histories. The diversity of the group is significant because it creates a uniquely rich environment, allowing us to learn from others who are very different than us. In group, you will learn how valuable it is to have people in your life who you don’t ordinarily have. People who will take the journey with you, who will be invaluable partners as you grapple with your problems and learn how to perform your life more powerfully, passionately, and intimately.

My groups are diverse by design – people are from many different backgrounds and ethnicities, older and younger people, women and men, gay and straight, who come to us with all sorts of emotional difficulties. We give them a challenging task, which is to work with each other and with me, to create new ways of seeing themselves and others, new ways of thinking and talking, new ways of performing their lives.

This is hard work! It goes against the grain of what all of us have been taught about the world and our place in it, and about how change happens. We’ve been taught, for example, that you have to change how you feel before you can change what you do. It’s the other way around: change what you do – whether you feel like it or not – and you’ll discover that will change how you feel about it, and yourself.

The group challenges our ideas about privacy, about what we need and what we want and what we have to give.  In group people discover that the giving of their humiliation and their emotional pain to the group is how emotional growth happens. It’s an intimate activity that produces the emotional growth of whoever is doing the giving, and the emotional growth of the group in accepting and transforming what is being given. In group we learning how to talk in a manner that includes others in discovering how we can grow, become emotionally intimate, and continue to create our lives.

In group you will learn how to create emotionally growthful environments that impact and transform the way you live your life. This is “Therapy Reinvented.”

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