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What clients have to say about group therapy and Dr. Mendez

Group therapy has been incredibly beneficial both personally and professionally helping me to grow as a leader in my life and of my emotions. Rafael has been integral in this transformation – his patience, insight, and management of such a diverse group of personalities is astonishing. The ultimate therapist, Rafael helped me to become a believer in group therapy and the power of change. "
-- A fashion designer

Rafael is like a “quiet storm”. He is calm and confident without coming across arrogant or all knowing. His passion for his work shows in the way he lovingly, yet firmly, leads the group. Rafael is a razor sharp listener and never misses an opportunity to help the group think outside the box. He has a unique skill set that allows him to be professional and caring at the same time. I feel safe with Rafael because I know he truly cares. "
-- A computer software designer

I’ve worked with Rafael for many years and he has played a key role in my growth and development, our dialogue has been incredibly vital to me, and I feel lucky to have found him. Rafael has challenged me and guided me. He manages to be both caring and steady as well as wonderfully surprising and dynamic. "
-- Freelance Photographer

Rafael’s method of therapy is present and future thinking. He asks poignant questions that push me to find my way through my own discovery, rather than through his lens or suggestions. This has allowed me to become who I want, when I am ready, and to not be defined by my past. Through this technique, Rafael has helped me radically change my life like no other therapist I have worked with. "
-- Graphic designer engineer

When I first met Rafael, I could not get on a subway, nor an elevator. Airplane rides where out of the question. Anxiety pervaded my entire life. Everything at work was overwhelming. Rafael helped me get out of the “what if” scenarios that would run through my head. He helped me understand and change what I was doing to produce my anxiety instead of creating my life. I now freely travel, both through the city and country. I’ve created my own business. Rafael helped me see that I could do things I never before imagined, but wanted. "
-- Elementary Teacher

Rafael taught me how to be in the world. Socializing was an isolating, disheartening endeavor for me. I didn’t know how to get out of my head nor connect with others. With Rafael, I learned how to get closer to others, to share my insecurities and fears. I became active in social interactions, rather than a passive, self-conscious outsider. I changed my enduring, self-degrading narrative about myself. I learned about who I wanted to become, not based on stories my family told about me or old patterns of behavior, but actually by being in the world and seeing myself through others’ eyes. I am forever grateful to Rafael for guiding me so lovingly through this time in my life. "
-- A child reading educator

Meeting Rafael was one of the most important things that has ever happened to me. My relationship with him completely changed how I hear myself and hear others and in turn how I speak to others. Rather than seeing therapy as just talking about myself and my problems, I now understand it as a practice, a relationship practice. So kind of like how I go to dance class to practice how I move with others, I go to therapy to practice how I relate to others. This has profoundly changed every relationship in my life and has made me feel more empowered about myself and what I can achieve. "
-- Industrial Designer

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