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Thoughts on Being Quarantined
April 18,2020 by

Thoughts to share

    I've been speaking to many people this past month as we've quarantined. Many of us feel scattered brained, forgetful, absentminded, and on an emotional roller coaster.
It is important that we not underestimate the impact of being quarantined and compelled to using life saving precautions for ordinary activities. Our current social subtext produces a constant level of stress.
     Under these conditions its important to take good care of our relationships (family members and friends).  How we talk to friends and family these days is central to promoting and maintaining a supportive caring social ambiance. We all benefit from feeling cared for and loved.
It is essential to avoid talking and relating in ways that create distance, shame and emotional harm.
Activities to avoid are raising your voice, as well as being unnecessarily critical, sarcastic or snide. Now is not the time to be insulting or putting anyone down.
We forget the harm our words can inflict on others, even if we're "joking". 
         When someone is upset or just having a difficulty moment. Be empathetic. Ask them how they are doing. Listen. Don't tell them how or why they're feeling. Rather let them talk as much as they are willing. Often just being with them is supportive enough.     
     Today being safe includes being careful with our loved one. Be supportive, optimistic, loving.
Be safe


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