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Adolescent Therapy

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Adolescents often find it difficult to verbalize their feelings. They may be overwhelmed and even confused by the onslaught of complex feelings that come as they move out of childhood toward adulthood. For many teens, conflicts may involve differences between family members, issues over expectations of parents, or peer relations. Not surprisingly, the idea of seeing a stranger doesn’t immediately appear appealing. That’s where an experienced professional counselor can help.

I’ve worked with young people for over thirty years. I take a of loving and nurturing approach to young teens and adolescents. As a parent of three, I know how dark things can seem before they get better. In therapy, I’ve worked with teens viewed as depressed or self-destructive or aggressive. I work to connect with the child within that (unlike an adult) can’t say, or perhaps doesn’t know what’s eating them. I understand that’s a lonely, scary experience for them.

I use a performance-play approach that allows young people to use their personal strengths, things they are good at, to grow. The Performance-play approach allows young people to use their therapy sessions in a creative, positive manner. I help then discover/create how to use the activities they do enjoy to stretch their repertoire of emotions and social skills.

I received graduate training as an adolescent therapist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, as well as in schools dedicated to youths with serious emotional difficulties. My decades of experience working with hundreds of adolescents has taught me that a therapist must tailor her or his approach to every individual case.

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