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Family Therapy

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I received my initial training in family therapy as a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School, at the Children’s Hospital in Boston. For 35 years since, I’ve studied many modalities to help support the emotional and social development of young people and their families. My approach is to support adults and children to get better at creating their family, where everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop.

My approach is practical and focused on emotional development. It’s non-diagnostic, in that I do not believe diagnostic categories are helpful, especially for children. People can take them as fixed identities, and mistakenly believe their way of being is set and permanent, thus an obstacle to growth.

I help families become closer, more intimate and work more cooperatively. My approach is practical and play-oriented, based on the understanding that everyone has the capacity to perform, to play, to create new possibilities, and thereby, to transform their lives.

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